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    Winternational B.V., the Netherlands is located near the port of Rotterdam and has recently been founded in order to support the ‘container need’ of it’s parent company DT Oil Netherlands B.V. The growing need for used containers – used to ship their products in on a global scale – of said company has led to the rise of this globally operating trading facility.
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    Winternational B.V., the Netherlands specializes in the purchase & resale of all types of used containers i.e. 20’, 40’ containers, High Cubes but also specialized equipment such as Open Tops, Flat Racks, Reefers and Tank-containers. Used, and new when required naturally.
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    Our family ties (a long history in trade and logistics in general) furthermore enable us to offer you taylormade solutions for the actual transport of your boxes or even products. We are able to offer you – mostly in family owned constructions – all modalities .. road, rail and water. Again, world-wide !
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    We furthermore have strong ties in the chemical, oil and shipping industry. For many years now we work closely together with the biggest names in these industries and believe that our flexible nature has led to the appreciation and acceptance of our services by said industries.
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    Winternational B.V., the Netherlands welcomes you 24/7 to get in touch with us and initiate a discussion for any of your container needs.

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